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FSView Class Reference

#include <fsview.h>

Inheritance diagram for FSView:

TreeMapWidget ScanListener

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Detailed Description

The root object for the treemap.

Does context menu handling and asynchronous file size update

Definition at line 57 of file fsview.h.

Public Types

enum  ColorMode {
  None = 0, Depth, Name, Owner,
  Group, Mime
enum  SelectionMode { Single, Multi, Extended, NoSelection }

Public Slots

void colorActivated (int)
void contextMenu (TreeMapItem *, const QPoint &)
void doRedraw ()
void doUpdate ()
void quit ()
void selected (TreeMapItem *)


void clicked (TreeMapItem *)
void completed (int dirs)
void contextMenuRequested (TreeMapItem *, const QPoint &)
void currentChanged (TreeMapItem *, bool keyboard)
void doubleClicked (TreeMapItem *)
void progress (int percent, int dirs, QString lastDir)
void returnPressed (TreeMapItem *)
void rightButtonPressed (TreeMapItem *, const QPoint &)
void selectionChanged (TreeMapItem *)
void selectionChanged ()
void started ()

Public Member Functions

void addAreaStopItems (QPopupMenu *, int, TreeMapItem *)
void addColorItems (QPopupMenu *, int)
void addDepthStopItems (QPopupMenu *, int, TreeMapItem *)
void addFieldStopItems (QPopupMenu *, int, TreeMapItem *)
void addSelectionItems (QPopupMenu *, int, TreeMapItem *)
void addSplitDirectionItems (QPopupMenu *, int)
void addVisualizationItems (QPopupMenu *, int)
bool allowRotation () const
TreeMapItembase () const
int borderWidth () const
bool clearSelection (TreeMapItem *parent=0)
FSView::ColorMode colorMode () const
QString colorModeString () const
TreeMapItemcurrent () const
const QFont & currentFont () const
bool defaultFieldForced (int) const
DrawParams::Position defaultFieldPosition (int) const
QString defaultFieldStop (int) const
QString defaultFieldType (int) const
bool defaultFieldVisible (int) const
void deletingItem (TreeMapItem *)
virtual void destroyed (ScanFile *)
virtual void destroyed (ScanDir *)
void drawTreeMap ()
bool fieldForced (int) const
DrawParams::Position fieldPosition (int) const
QString fieldPositionString (int) const
QString fieldStop (int) const
QString fieldType (int) const
bool fieldVisible (int) const
 FSView (Inode *, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
bool isSelected (TreeMapItem *i) const
bool isShadingEnabled () const
TreeMapItemitem (int x, int y) const
int maxDrawingDepth () const
int maxSelectDepth () const
int minimalArea () const
QString path ()
int pathDepth ()
TreeMapItempossibleSelection (TreeMapItem *) const
void redraw ()
void redraw (TreeMapItem *)
void requestUpdate (Inode *)
void resort ()
void restoreOptions (KConfigGroup *, QString prefix=QString::null)
void saveFSOptions ()
void saveMetric (KConfigGroup *)
void saveOptions (KConfigGroup *, QString prefix=QString::null)
void scanFinished (ScanDir *)
virtual void scanStarted (ScanDir *)
KURL::List selectedUrls ()
TreeMapItemList selection () const
SelectionMode selectionMode () const
void setAllowRotation (bool)
void setBorderWidth (int w)
bool setColorMode (QString)
void setColorMode (FSView::ColorMode cm)
void setCurrent (TreeMapItem *, bool kbd=false)
void setFieldForced (int, bool)
void setFieldPosition (int, QString)
void setFieldPosition (int, DrawParams::Position)
void setFieldStop (int, QString)
void setFieldType (int, QString)
void setFieldVisible (int, bool)
void setMarked (int markNo=1, bool redraw=true)
void setMaxDrawingDepth (int d)
void setMaxSelectDepth (int d)
void setMinimalArea (int area)
void setPath (QString)
void setRangeSelection (TreeMapItem *i1, TreeMapItem *i2, bool selected)
void setSelected (TreeMapItem *, bool selected=true)
void setSelectionMode (SelectionMode m)
void setShadingEnabled (bool s)
void setSkipIncorrectBorder (bool enable=true)
bool setSplitMode (QString)
void setSplitMode (TreeMapItem::SplitMode m)
void setVisibleWidth (int width, bool reuseSpace=false)
virtual void sizeChanged (ScanDir *)
bool skipIncorrectBorder () const
TreeMapItem::SplitMode splitMode () const
QString splitModeString () const
void stop ()
virtual QString tipString (TreeMapItem *i) const
TreeMapItemvisibleItem (TreeMapItem *) const
TreeMapWidgetwidget ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool getDirMetric (const QString &, double &, unsigned int &, unsigned int &)
static void setDirMetric (const QString &, double, unsigned int, unsigned int)

Protected Slots

void areaStopActivated (int)
void depthStopActivated (int)
void fieldStopActivated (int)
void selectionActivated (int)
void splitActivated (int)
void visualizationActivated (int)

Protected Member Functions

void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *)
void fontChange (const QFont &)
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)
void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
void showEvent (QShowEvent *)

Private Attributes

bool _allowRefresh
int _chunkData1
int _chunkData2
int _chunkData3
int _chunkSize1
int _chunkSize2
int _chunkSize3
int _colorID
ColorMode _colorMode
int _dirsFinished
QString _path
int _pathDepth
int _progress
int _progressPhase
int _progressSize
ScanManager _sm

Static Private Attributes

static QMap< QString, MetricEntry > _dirMetric

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