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KateTemplateWizard Class Reference

#include <filetemplates.h>

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Detailed Description

This wizard helps creating a new template, which is then opened for the user to edit. Basically, the user is offered to select an existing file or template to start from, set template properties, and if a file is loaded, some replacements is done in the text:

Definition at line 196 of file filetemplates.h.

Public Slots

void accept ()

Public Member Functions

 KateTemplateWizard (QWidget *parent, KateFileTemplates *ktf)

Private Slots

void slotStateChanged (const QString &)
void slotStateChanged (int)
void slotStateChanged ()
void slotTmplateSet (int)

Private Attributes

class QButtonGroup * bgLocation
class QButtonGroup * bgOrigin
class QPushButton * btnTmpl
class QCheckBox * cbOpenTemplate
class QCheckBox * cbREmail
class QCheckBox * cbRRealname
class QCheckBox * cbRUsername
class QLineEdit * leTemplateFileName
uint selectedTemplateIdx
QString sEmail
QString sRealname
QString sUsername
class KURLRequester * urLocation
class KURLRequester * urOrigin


class KateFileTemplates

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