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TreeMapWidget Class Reference

#include <treemap.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for visualisation of a metric of hierarchically nested items as 2D areas.

Definition at line 392 of file treemap.h.

Public Types

enum  SelectionMode { Single, Multi, Extended, NoSelection }


void clicked (TreeMapItem *)
void contextMenuRequested (TreeMapItem *, const QPoint &)
void currentChanged (TreeMapItem *, bool keyboard)
void doubleClicked (TreeMapItem *)
void returnPressed (TreeMapItem *)
void rightButtonPressed (TreeMapItem *, const QPoint &)
void selectionChanged (TreeMapItem *)
void selectionChanged ()

Public Member Functions

void addAreaStopItems (QPopupMenu *, int, TreeMapItem *)
void addDepthStopItems (QPopupMenu *, int, TreeMapItem *)
void addFieldStopItems (QPopupMenu *, int, TreeMapItem *)
void addSelectionItems (QPopupMenu *, int, TreeMapItem *)
void addSplitDirectionItems (QPopupMenu *, int)
void addVisualizationItems (QPopupMenu *, int)
bool allowRotation () const
TreeMapItembase () const
int borderWidth () const
bool clearSelection (TreeMapItem *parent=0)
TreeMapItemcurrent () const
const QFont & currentFont () const
bool defaultFieldForced (int) const
DrawParams::Position defaultFieldPosition (int) const
QString defaultFieldStop (int) const
QString defaultFieldType (int) const
bool defaultFieldVisible (int) const
void deletingItem (TreeMapItem *)
void drawTreeMap ()
bool fieldForced (int) const
DrawParams::Position fieldPosition (int) const
QString fieldPositionString (int) const
QString fieldStop (int) const
QString fieldType (int) const
bool fieldVisible (int) const
bool isSelected (TreeMapItem *i) const
bool isShadingEnabled () const
TreeMapItemitem (int x, int y) const
int maxDrawingDepth () const
int maxSelectDepth () const
int minimalArea () const
TreeMapItempossibleSelection (TreeMapItem *) const
void redraw ()
void redraw (TreeMapItem *)
void resort ()
void restoreOptions (KConfigGroup *, QString prefix=QString::null)
void saveOptions (KConfigGroup *, QString prefix=QString::null)
TreeMapItemList selection () const
SelectionMode selectionMode () const
void setAllowRotation (bool)
void setBorderWidth (int w)
void setCurrent (TreeMapItem *, bool kbd=false)
void setFieldForced (int, bool)
void setFieldPosition (int, QString)
void setFieldPosition (int, DrawParams::Position)
void setFieldStop (int, QString)
void setFieldType (int, QString)
void setFieldVisible (int, bool)
void setMarked (int markNo=1, bool redraw=true)
void setMaxDrawingDepth (int d)
void setMaxSelectDepth (int d)
void setMinimalArea (int area)
void setRangeSelection (TreeMapItem *i1, TreeMapItem *i2, bool selected)
void setSelected (TreeMapItem *, bool selected=true)
void setSelectionMode (SelectionMode m)
void setShadingEnabled (bool s)
void setSkipIncorrectBorder (bool enable=true)
bool setSplitMode (QString)
void setSplitMode (TreeMapItem::SplitMode m)
void setVisibleWidth (int width, bool reuseSpace=false)
bool skipIncorrectBorder () const
TreeMapItem::SplitMode splitMode () const
QString splitModeString () const
virtual QString tipString (TreeMapItem *i) const
 TreeMapWidget (TreeMapItem *base, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
TreeMapItemvisibleItem (TreeMapItem *) const
TreeMapWidgetwidget ()

Protected Slots

void areaStopActivated (int)
void depthStopActivated (int)
void fieldStopActivated (int)
void selectionActivated (int)
void splitActivated (int)
void visualizationActivated (int)

Protected Member Functions

void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *)
void fontChange (const QFont &)
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)
void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
void showEvent (QShowEvent *)

Private Member Functions

TreeMapItemList diff (TreeMapItemList &, TreeMapItemList &)
void drawFill (TreeMapItem *, QPainter *p, QRect &r, TreeMapItemListIterator it, int len, bool goBack)
void drawFill (TreeMapItem *, QPainter *p, QRect &r)
void drawItem (QPainter *p, TreeMapItem *)
bool drawItemArray (QPainter *p, TreeMapItem *, QRect &r, double, TreeMapItemListIterator it, int len, bool)
void drawItems (QPainter *p, TreeMapItem *)
bool horizontal (TreeMapItem *i, const QRect &r)
bool isTmpSelected (TreeMapItem *i)
bool resizeAttr (int)
TreeMapItemsetTmpRangeSelection (TreeMapItem *i1, TreeMapItem *i2, bool selected)
TreeMapItemsetTmpSelected (TreeMapItem *, bool selected=true)

Private Attributes

bool _allowRotation
int _areaStopID
QValueVector< FieldAttr > _attr
int _borderWidth
int _depthStopID
bool _drawSeparators
int _fieldStopID
QFont _font
int _fontHeight
bool _inControlDrag
bool _inShiftDrag
int _markNo
int _maxDrawingDepth
int _maxSelectDepth
int _minimalArea
QPixmap _pixmap
bool _reuseSpace
TreeMapItemList _selection
int _selectionID
SelectionMode _selectionMode
bool _shading
bool _skipIncorrectBorder
int _splitID
TreeMapItem::SplitMode _splitMode
int _stopArea
TreeMapTip * _tip
TreeMapItemList _tmpSelection
int _visibleWidth
int _visID


struct  FieldAttr

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